So What is LunaRich? 

To answer the question of "What is LunaRich" you must first ask the question "What is Lunasin?"

 Lunasin is a soy peptide that exhibits health promoting characteristics. Scientific evidence indicates that Lunasin is a key component in soy protein responsible for its cholesterol-lowering properties. Lunasin is a unique, 43 chain amino acid peptide found within soybeans. Recent research and development surrounding this soy peptide focuses on promotion of healthy cholesterol levels. In addition to lunasin exhibiting cholesterol lowering properties, research shows it also has cancer preventive properties. To learn more about lunasin and its cardiovascular, cholesterol, and cancer fighting research studies, visit

 NOW, we can answer the question "What is LunaRich?" LunaRich is a Reliv exclusive that is changing the nutrition industry. LunaRich is a soy product developed in a cooperative research program by Missouri Plant Science Center, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the University of Missouri, Reliv and others. LunaRich is lunasin at the next level! It takes the natural health benefits of lunasin and increases its health benefits 5 to 10 times that of normal lunasin.

 LunaRich Is currently found in 6 Reliv Products: Lunarich X, Reliv Now, Soy Sentials, Glucaffect, ProVantage and Reliv Now for Kids. It will be added to other Reliv products in the near future!

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